Our Company Philosophy is simple and straightforward. When we founded our company, we did so with several basic concepts in mind, and these principles still hold true today, over forty years later.

We will do business honestly - there will be no other way.
We treat all of our clients the same way we would expect to be treated - openly, honestly and fairly. We opened our business in 1972 under the philosophy of “Excellence in what we do…Integrity in how we do it!.Those words remain prominent today in everything we do. Excellence is an attitude - the consistent attention and honest respect of our clients and their building needs, and having the wisdom to identify the correct path to meet those needs. Integrity is choosing to take that path.

We intend to make a profit, just as anyone else in business would.
No business can remain relevant and prosper without this mindset. Therefore it is necessary for us to always charge a fair price for the work and services we provide - not too much, not too little, just a fair price. In that regard, we believe ourselves to share the same mindset of our clients. We promote an Open-Book project delivery method on our projects, so our clients can fully understand the numbers that make up the cost of their project and feel confident that they are receiving the best possible value when working with Metrolina.

We will deal with each client on an individual basis.
We recognize that each client has unique objectives and must be serviced as such. It is incumbent upon us to fully understand the needs and goals of each of our clients in order to develop proactive design and construction solutions to meet these needs. Our clients do not deserve to be shoehorned into a mold just because it may be easier on our resources, imagination and efforts. Therefore, our team is dedicated to recognizing and understanding our clients' unique needs and we are 100% committed to providing the level of service needed to achieve their objectives on each and every project, large or small.