Why Metrolina?

Metrolina has been constructing buildings in the Carolinas for over 40 Years. We may not be as large as some of the other contractors you may be considering and do not boast the same elaborate national portfolio, however we do have our own long list of satisfied clients and successful projects. Although we may not be the biggest, we absolutely strive to be the best. We believe our size is an advantage, providing our clients the same level of quality, experience and communication as the larger firms, while being more cost effective and flexible. This provides a better construction experience for our clients by having fewer “layers” in our company structure and allowing for direct managment participation in our projects. Many owners choose Metrolina solely for the comfort in knowing that our owners remain involved in their project and are readily accessable.

Although Metrolina is involved on numerous projects at any given time, our growth model is slow and steady, meaning we never overextend ourselves and put any single project at risk. We are selective in the projects that we undertake and only contract those that we know we can bring added value to our clients’ contracting experience.