Regardless of the size of a project, the basis for Metrolina’s Design-Build program remains consistent - to work collaboratively as a team during the Design and Pre-construction stages of a project to deliver the highest quality product in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  We consider “Design-Build” to be synonymous with any Project Delivery Method that pairs us with designers from the onset of a project, whether we are solely responsible with providing the design work, or if we are paired with an owner-selected design team.  Metrolina has been conducting Design-Build throughout our entire 40+ year history and today, this type of project delivery method represents nearly 70% of our work.  Our overall principles remain the same, regardless of the project scope:

  • Collaboration leads to faster project delivery with fewer conflicts and lower cost
  • An integrated team including key subcontractors that is geared toward efficiency and innovation will result in savings in both time, resources and money
  • A team that is focused on meeting performance needs, not minimum design requirements, often developing innovations to deliver a better project than initially imagined, will result in a higher quality product

Our role in Design-Build projects is not to replace the architect and engineers, rather to be a valuable Team member during the conceptual and design development stages where critical decisions are being made that impact the cost of a project.  Unlike most General Contractors, Metrolina Builders is also a licensed Engineering firm, which adds an additional layer of expertise when developing the design for a project.