Pre-Engineered / Metal Buildings

Many contractors utilize Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings on their projects, yet few match Metrolina’s experience in design and construction. Our company began operations in 1972 as a specialty metal building contractor, furnishing design-build packages solely for metal building projects. Metrolina would be chosen to design, furnish and construct the metal building foundations and structural packages on both small and large projects up to 300,000sf, and both simple and complex designs including crane systems, specialty foundations and stringent floor flatness requirements.
This expertise and experience led to Metrolina being the 17th largest supplier and builder of metal buildings IN THE NATION throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s and the #1 metal building contractor in the Charlotte-metro region. Over time, Metrolina’s construction experience grew into other types of conventional construction (as evidenced by our portfolio), however pre-engineered buildings continue to remain a large portion of our work.

There are many opportunities for an economical use of a pre-engineered metal building on a project, but it takes a thorough involvement of a contractor that is experienced in both the design and construction of these structures to ensure the most economical applications. No other contractor in the area can match Metrolina’s experience with these types of structures, ensuring our clients with the most economical application of these types of structures. Historically, we have found that most architects and engineers do not have the level of understanding with these systems that Metrolina holds. Often we are either paired with these designers to fill this knowledge gap, or we are assigned the lead role in the design and implementation. Our Engineering licensure further illustrates our unique ability to be a valuable team member when engaged in this capacity.

From traditional pre-engineered building uses such as distribution centers, manufacturing plants and warehouses, to other markets such as retail buildings, offices, churches and schools, Metrolina is an expert in the efficient design and economical construction of pre-engineered metal building projects.

Having worked with the majority of the leading Pre-Engineered Building Manufactures throughout our history, Metrolina Builders is proud to represent Nucor Building Systems as a preferred supplier on many of our projects.